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Medical Home Care In Delhi

What Is The Meaning Of Home Nursing Services?

Home nursing care service is basically availing the services of a professional nurse in your home. Home nursing services can be both medical and non–medical in nature. Non–medical care can be elderly care, caregiving, and mother and child care among others. On the other hand, medical care involves a large number of skilled medical care like vaccination, IV and infusion therapy, wound dressing, ostomy care, ventilator care, etc.

What Do Home Nurses Do?

Home nurses Delhi are expected to provide a one – to – one care to patients in their home, ensure the safety of the patient in their home and educate and inform the patient and their family members among other tasks. Some of the key responsibilities of a home nurse in Delhi include;

  • Make an initial health assessment of the patient
  • Draw an individualistic care plan
  • Administer IV and medication as per the prescription
  • Assist with pain management
  • Documenting symptoms and vital signs
  • Communicate and update the doctor about the patient’s health condition and response to the ongoing treatment.

What Is In-Home-Nursing Service?

In-home nursing services are the same nursing services provided at medical institutions, but now in the comfort of your home. We provide quality, compassionate healthcare, best suited to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with top-notch nursing services in Delhi/NCR, better than hospitals! Call us today if you are looking for nursing nearby

Nursing Care Services Include

Nursing care for Sleep Apnea:

PAP therapy is one of the most common procedures used by doctors worldwide to treat sleep apnea and a nurse plays a pivotal role in helping the patients get familiar and accustomed to the use of the mask equipment. The home nurse also provides all the necessary education and information to the patient regarding how to use the device, apply the mask and keep it in place throughout the night.

Nursing care for Liver Cancer:

Liver cancer takes a massive toll on a person’s mental and physical state and it is here the need of a professional home nurse is felt. 

Nursing Care for Lymphoma Cancer:

A home nurse performs several different function to help restore the quality of life of a lymphoma patient, like – monitor respiratory status and provide supplemental oxygen as necessary, note changes to the skin colour, observe for neck vein distention, assess and manage pain, teach relaxation techniques, administer analgesics as necessary and more.

Nursing Care for Pancreatic Cancer:

Home nursing care plan for pancreatic cancer patients include – relief from pain and discomfort caused by pancreatitis, improving the nutritional status of the patient, improving the respiratory function and finally improving the fluid and electrolyte balance of the patient.

Nurse for Infusion Therapy:

Infusion therapy can involve complex infusion lines and as such you need a highly experienced and trained infusion therapy nurse. 

Nurse for Ryle tube insertion:

Like infusion therapy, Portea provides skilled and trained nurses to help the patient with Ryle tube insertion, slightly changing the position of the tube every 24 hours, monitoring the patient’s serum electrolytes and daily weight, monitor the patient’s skin condition especially the nares.

Nurse for immunotherapy:

A home nurse plays a vital role in improving the patient’s quality of life. Their prime responsibilities include monitoring the side effects of immunotherapy, monitor enzymes  and other appropriate biochemical indicators, evaluating the patient’s response to immunotherapy and teaching the patient various coping mechanisms.

IV Infusion and Injections:

We also take care of other imperative procedures like Injections and IV Infusion required by you on a regular basis.

Oxygen Administration:

Home nursing services in Delhi/NCR are also the provider of high-quality oxygen administration that helps you with seamless, undisturbed process.

Post-surgical Care:

Our nurses will take complete care of you during post-surgery, ensuring a painless recovery. Our staff respond to your needs with unlimited love and compassion.

Catheterisation Care:

Catheterisation is an intimate procedure and the best it would be if done in the privacy of your home. Our nurses take care of insertion, wash and removal of the catheter effectively.

Injury care:

We ace the art of getting you back to the best of health after fatal injuries with nursing at home. We take care of you like family by not just considering your conditions, but also your personal needs. Enjoy a hassle-free recovery and heal yourself the best with our assistance.

What Are The Advantages Of Home Nursing Services In Delhi-Ncr?

Home nursing services Delhi holds many advantages, some of which are;

  • It enables the patient to check out early from the hospital and continue their residual treatment at home happily amidst family members.
  • Many studies have proven that home nursing care boost the mental condition of the patient thereby, facilitating a better and faster recovery process.
  • Home nursing services also helps the patient get a more personal and one – to – one attention from the visiting doctor and nurse, as compared to a hospital/clinic setting
  • Home nursing services also cuts down the need to travel to and from the doctor’s clinic/ hospital thereby, saving you from the unnecessary hassle and discomfort.
  • With zero commute involved you can also save precious time and money, thus making home nurse in Delhi cost-effective and advantageous.