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Healthcare Content Creation is Different from Brand Content Creation Try ClinicManager Services For Any Type Of Content Creation Related to the Healthcare Industry

Content Marketing Services For Hospital And Clinics

Getting health and medical content right requires deep industry knowledge. Our experienced healthcare marketing strategists establish your brand’s expertise, authority, and trust through data-driven strategy, specialized content creation, and multi-channel distribution.

Specialized Healthcare Content Marketing

Orchestrating Meaningful Connections For Healthcare Industry
We’ll craft ethical, on-brand messaging that empathizes with your target audience while giving them the information they need along the patient journey.

We know patients, and we know doctors.

Content Marketing Strategy For Doctors
From increasing organic traffic and engagement to creating a better patient experience, Healthcare Success will help you achieve your business goals by building a robust and measurable content strategy. We can also help define your content KPIs.

Content Creation For Hospital And Clinics
Health content brings the voice of your organization to life. It’s valuable to your audience, defines your offerings, and includes the keywords people use in search. Our experienced healthcare writers and subject-matter experts know how to craft quality content that increases brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and satisfaction. Read more.

Multi-Channel Distribution & Amplification
The modern health organization offers a complex journey of digital, virtual, and in-person experiences. Medical brands must provide content everywhere their patient audience might be. Whether it’s a website, social network, or an app, we’ll define channel opportunities and amplify them. Read more.

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Complete Content Marketing Services With Best Healthcare Marketing Agency
Types of Healthcare Content

Essential healthcare content types include:

Website Content and Landing Pages

Blog Writing

Social Media



Email Marketing

Online Guides

Content Planning Services

SEO Audit/ Content Recommendations

Competitor Research and Insights

Customer Personas

Customer Journey Map

Keywords Research and Strategy

Editorial Calendar and Planning

Content marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies. With the ability to double website conversion rates and drive brand awareness and website traffic, content marketing is essential to increasing your company’s revenue.

With WebFX as your content marketing services partner, you can access:

Custom content that follows search engine optimization standards

Transparent pricing – free of hidden fees and secret strategies

Revenue acceleration software to increase your ROI from content

Industry-specific writers and editors that create accurate content

In just the past five years, our clients have earned more than $3 billion in revenue by leveraging the expertise of our seasoned team and the AI-powered data of MarketingCloudFX, our revenue acceleration software.

Please keep reading to learn more about our content marketing service packages and prices!

Are you ready to start optimizing your content? Contact us online to chat with an experienced strategist from our team to learn more about how content can drive leads. We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source.

Four healthcare content marketing tips

There is no shortage of ideas for topics with tremendous demand for health-related content. Here are a few tips to consider when you decide to create and publish medical content for your audience.

  1. Create sharable content

Content for healthcare businesses has come a long way since the brochures you found in your doctor’s office. While information is still valuable in the healthcare industry, search engine users expect sharable content today.

People expect to read educational information from professionals in the healthcare industry. They want answers to their questions and information on how to stay healthy or live with a particular ailment.

To get started with medical content creation, put yourself in your patients’ shoes. Record the questions they ask and address the most common questions on your website. For example:

If you’re a child psychologist, create a post about the connections between childhood obesity and depression.

A podiatrist could write about the top orthopaedic shoes on the market.

A healthcare CEO could write about the nation’s best hospitals for cardiology and provide takeaways for the readers.

There is an abundance of information to ponder, write about, and share with your audience in the medical field. Those open lines of communication are what content marketing for healthcare is all about. Plus, you can establish a more substantial presence and better credibility by linking to authoritative sources as you work.

  1. Post industry news

As someone in the medical field, you’re expected to know up-to-date information. If there’s a medical breakthrough or something else pivotal occurs, you can be the first to break the news to your website’s visitors. Adding newsworthy content to your website gives your company fresh content that appeals to visitors while boosting your authority and building trust with your audience.

  1. Recognize the significance of video

Over forty-seven per cent of Internet users share pictures and videos they encounter. The power of video is significant, especially true for the healthcare industry. Consider the following ideas for using video in content marketing for healthcare:

Consider using a video campaign to raise money for a health-related cause. The Arnold Palmer Children’s hospital attributed over $100,000 in fundraising to a video campaign.

Create a channel on a video sharing site like YouTube. Video channels let your site visitors quickly find the information you post. For example, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has over 1,600 subscribers to its YouTube channel.

  1. Consider hiring a professional

The healthcare sector is a fast-paced industry that never sleeps. You likely have plenty of other areas to focus your efforts on besides creating and sharing content. Simply put, your expertise is probably needed elsewhere.

WebFX is here to help you out. We’ll listen to your needs and provide you with the content visitors want to read to give you a more extensive and bolder presence online. Our professional, award-winning team of content marketers knows how to get your healthcare business the recognition and traffic you need to become a popular industry contender.

FAQs about healthcare content marketing

Do you have additional questions about content marketing for hospitals and healthcare providers? Browse our FAQ!

What is content marketing for healthcare facilities?

Content marketing for healthcare facilities involves creating and sharing content that attracts and interests your target audience. The idea is to create high-quality content that your readers will enjoy and share.

When you provide them with relevant information, they will return for insight and share your content.

You establish yourself (and your medical centre) as a trustworthy source and potentially an industry leader as you build credibility. You can increase your company’s reach to grow your business from this position.

What kinds of content can you create for medical content marketing?

You can create a range of content types for medical content marketing, including:



Press releases






All these content marketing solutions for healthcare include fresh, original, and creative content that you can use to attract visitors to your site and spread the word about your healthcare facility and its staff and treatments.

Why has healthcare content marketing taken so long to become a viable strategy?

There is no shortage of topics to cover when it comes to content marketing for healthcare. But healthcare is tightly regulated, and there are more legal and ethical considerations involved than with most other industries.

On the Internet, one wrong answer or snippet of false information can significantly impact a reader.

This translates to an excellent opportunity for you to connect with search engine users.

The need is out there, and your services can help fill that need. Content marketing for your healthcare business can help your company show up for one out of every 20 Google searches — or 175 million queries per day.

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