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Doctors are lifesavers but when they want to open their own clinic initial presence is very much required for the patient to know about the clinic. Delhi's Trusted Tech Freelancer Subhajit Chatterjee has one in solution - Clinic Manager

Opening a Clinic in Delhi? Are you a Doctor? Have a Look at the below article.

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“Opening and Setting up a clinic physically is an easy task for a specialized doctor like you but after that how will you make your clinic visible to nearby patients? referral patients are fine but does that fulfill your ambitions?” a question from Subhajit Chatterjee( Top Tech Freelancer from Delhi)

We All in One Solution For Your Clinic Starts From ₹19999(One-Time)

“Indian Market is full of heavy-duty healthcare EMR Softwares, Does a Clinic Needs them? , Does the Clinic Admin has to time fill Data in the System?, Isn’t a data entry and boring job for any clinic admin?”

“There is Many Different Freelancer Website Designer for Clinic But won’t You Prefer a Single Entity For Clinic Website, Clinic Software, Initial 5 Star Reviews, Nearby Online Marketing For Your Clinic “

Clinic Website Designer in Delhi           Clinic Software Developer in Delhi         Clinic Online Promotion in Delhi

Hello all, 

I Subhajit Chatterjee, a tech freelancer from Delhi consult many clinic admins and healthcare service providers to understand the problem with the existing heavy software and I made truly  custom software for them and till date, I have implemented so many features into them, and that’s why my made software happily used by many clinics with frequent updates  

A leading Clinic Software in Delhi ClinicManager India’s No 1 Healthcare Marketing and Management Brand, a health system based in New Delhi with a global reach, has used stellar marketing to establish itself as a true leader in the healthcare industry in Delhi India.

Subhajit Chatterjee’s Clinic Manager All in Solution For Clinic

The ClinicManager has a massive database of tried and tested techniques in the healthcare industry. Trying to keep track of all the marketing they do can get overwhelming in a hurry.

Nowadays, more and more patients search online for local physicians and healthcare services.

In order to take responsibility for their health, patients are increasingly concerned about establishing a know, like, and trust relationship with a potential practice before they enter or schedule an appointment.

Enhancing your Clinic’s user experience will increase patient leads and retention using ClinicManager’s Custom Build Software that is specifically built by taking the requirements of many doctors and healthcare service providers

Features of Subhajit Chatterjee’s Custom Built Software in Delhi, India in For Future India of 2022

A fully responsive Medical Practice Management Software design is crucial since most searches are conducted on mobile and tablet devices.

medical marketing website design

website design

1. Patient Database

Using ClinicManager Affordable Software your Clinic can Store in the software 

2. Patient Timeline

ClinicManager Software AI system will automatically create a patient timeline using the appointment details

3. Appointment Reminder System

ClinicManager Software AI system will automatically send reminder messages before the appointment date on Whatsapp, SMS, and Emails

4. Patient Medical Records

ClinicManager Software can store unlimited Patient Records in an electronic manner with security encryption that makes the records secure

5. Bulk Notifications

ClinicManager Software can send bulk Whatsapp, SMS, and Emails to the entire list of patient databases or to a single individual

6. Payments Management

ClinicManager Software will keep track of every payments record for the patient and sends payment notifications as well

7. Custom Modules 

ClinicManager Software is custom build software according to the clinic’s requirements so if any features is not present are a team of developers will make the feature implemented at a very nominal cost 

8. Super fast and online software

ClinicManager Software is an advanced online web app that is super fast and accessible from any device

C. Make Treatments & Services Visible

Layout practice treatments and services on the practice homepage.

When patients are visiting your practice website, they should find all your services and treatments quickly if your medical practice offers a wide variety of services down select the main procedures and services that you want to feature.

medical marketing for doctor websites

You should think about your ideal audience, key differentiators, and high revenue procedures when choosing which treatments to promote.

Use lead forms to encourage patients to schedule appointments and to create calls to action for high-revenue services.

Medical marketing strategies rely on lead forms to drive leads.

Ensure that your lead forms on your website are straightforward and accessible. Schedule an appointment without filling out long and unnecessary forms.

Medical SEO and keywords are critical for your practice website.

You need all the essential keywords and a proper SEO structure on your website to remain competitive and show up in search results.

SEO, keywords, and their thematic placement are at the foundation of a top-performing website.

All aspects of the website will be optimized, including image optimization, accurate meta descriptions, H tags, page structures, and more, via search engine optimization.

instagram medical marketing for doctors

there are different clinic software, and not all of them are effective for your medical practice. Each healthcare  management product and service is different and created for a specific audience. by the team ClinicManager

Take the time to evaluate the social media profiles that are the best fit for the medical management software of the practice based on the target audience and the makeup of the audience that each platform targets.

1. Fully Embracing Digital

ClinicManager is an early adopter of digital, unlike most health systems. They have steadily expanded their online presence since registering their domain name in 2021.

Our methods of collecting information and making healthcare decisions have changed as a result of technological advancements. ClinicManager Hospital & Clinic Management Software | Healthcare Marketing & BrandingStrategy succeeds by making these early connections with its comprehensive library of online content. Searching for an article written by a Doctor at the Clinic on Google immediately establishes the clinic’s credibility.

 Their onlinesoftware includes all the content they create (both where and when people search for it), and each piece of content is its own asset.

2. A “Patient First” Approach

This is true!

In the healthcare world, social media’s incredible potential is evident in those astounding numbers. CliniManager® Hospital & Clinic Management Software | Healthcare Marketing & Branding has turned this potentially boring topic into a hotbed of engagement and discussion.

Let’s find out.

By focusing on empowering social media followers to become better advocates for their health.

ClinicManager does not only promote itself but also pays attention to its followers. Answering questions, sharing patient stories, and spreading awareness about better health are some of the things they do on social media. Instead of a broadcast, it’s a conversation.

Increasing the number of patients in India in 2022

The ClinicManager offers more than quality health information and treatment. It also builds a community that patients can belong to. Communities such as these, with members spread across the world, are ideal 

for those looking for healthcare treatment or researching it. You can’t fully understand your experience until you’ve been through it yourself… Even your family and friends don’t quite get it until they’ve been there themselves…

ClinicManager’s blog, which includes posts from patients, their families, and the ClinicManager team, helps patients feel understood. Patients feel less alone. Various topics are covered, including alternative medicine, rehabilitation, pain management, and research.

  • Hospital Management Software in India 2022 – Handling patient bills and appointments used to be a chaotic situation in hospitals and clinics. Now it’s easier! Throughout the years, ClinicManager’s Clinic Management Software has evolved into a systematic process. In addition to reducing the use of paper, this software keeps all important information in one place. It was easy for doctors to coordinate with other departments regarding medical records. As prescriptions, bills, and other calculations are maintained digitally, the software has helped save time. Doctors can focus on other tasks. Manage Appointments, Bills, Payments, and Patient Data with Ease with the Leading Clinic Software in India.!
    • Clinic Software made in India –  Now it’s easy! With the arrival of ClinicManager’s Clinic Management Software, a systematic process has evolved. In addition to reducing paper usage, this software also keeps all important information in one location for easy access. Regarding medical records, doctors could easily coordinate with other departments. Because prescriptions, bills, and calculations are maintained digitally, the software has saved time. Therefore, doctors can focus on their core activities. 
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